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Boat Racing Rookie Wins Super Boat International World Championship

Rusty Rahm

Russell "Rusty" Rahm is the CEO of Subscription Ink Co. in Shawnee, Kansas. A boat racing enthusiast, Rusty Rahm took part in his first racing season in 2016. That same year, he won the Super Boat International (SBI) Superboat Unlimited class world championship.

A three-day race, the 2016 SBI Superboat Unlimited started on Friday, 11 November and ended on Sunday, 13 November. Racing rookie Rahm entered the competition with Wake Effects, a 48-foot MTI catamaran powered by two Mercury Racing 1650 horse power engines. Veteran throttleman Jeff Harris completed the Wake Effects duo.

On their first day, the duo finished in sixth place after their boat experienced mechanical problems during the race. Eager to make a comeback, team Wake Effects powered through day two of racing, coming in second place behind CMS Offshore Racing, a sister boat. Day three of racing would prove to be the final decider as team Wake Effects finished first place, qualifying for double points and ultimately being declared SBI world champions.

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